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A local veteran named Ski Ingram recently authored an article that was published in a local newspaper for seniors. Quoting Mr. Ingram, he wrote “The Preamble to our Constitution tells us the purpose of our Constitution is “to form a more perfect Union.” It goes on to list five principles to help ensure that America becomes a “perfect Union.” They are (1) establish justice, (2) ensure domestic tranquility, (3) provide for the common defense, (4) promote the general welfare, and (5) secure the blessings of liberty for all.” He goes on to explain that many; from our founding fathers to the men and women of today, have risked and often give everything for our freedom, YOUR FREEDOM and mine. He like me is concerned that our freedoms are being eroded at a rapid rate. I could not agree more! We can see it every day and if you care about being free it is really frightening to watch.

I have been very concerned for a long time. You my fellow citizen are on a path to lose all your freedoms, not just those already taken. You and your children or theirs are on a path to become slaves to a socialistic dictator at some future time. Can you even imagine the following event as described by Mr. Ingram,

“You know something is amiss when parents who are attending School Board meetings are arrested by the police and labeled as domestic terrorists for trying to understand what is being taught to their children in school.” That us is happening in the USA right now.

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