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Helping Hands

I just made a list of things I would like as u had asked and I hope it is clear enough. As to content -------- under Communism and then My thoughts on it I have written what I  thought in  there.

 In the area of Epoch Times someone from the executive office is supposed to call me by Tuesday, When i speak to them i will offer to send an invite and show them what we have done, and I think it would be a good idea to allow them to update the site daily or at least weekly with current news etc. that oud be a real teaser to get people to sign up.

If I am being hacked every day on the site what about Joe anyone if he sing up what protection does he  have?

Donate to a Charity

Time is of no concern to them; only the results they are seeing. Our Leaders in both parties are so focused on party lines, power, and keeping their [jobs : FOREVER,] that they are not seeing it or just do not care. Some I suspect are even working toward helping a socialistic/communist takeover of the US and the world. socialism is only one step away from communism. If we are not willing to do something who is going to do it for us – NO ONE—and in not many years our heirs will be living under a communistic regime and --- THEY WILL NO LIKE IT. Please join our effort to keep our nation free!

Work at the Food Kitchen

This explains food kitchen work

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