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Brent Satterswaith


There’s nothing like the outside of horse for the inside of man, or so the saying goes

There’s something special about a good old horse, as anybody who’s had one knows

I’ve used a horse to work the cows, I’ve used them to herd some sheep

But mostly just for pleasure all through the years, some horses we would keep

You see there’s nothing like these mountains, on horseback in the spring

And for getting into the back country, a horse is just the thing

A good horse will pack your deer out, and hardly break a sweat

And when you want to go fishing, he’ll haul all your stuff, so you won’t have to fret

All the things you can do from the back of a horse are really kind of neat

Why, I once saw a guy, who fished with a fly and never left his seat

His horse would wade right into a lake or stream acting like he was a vet

And that man would cast out, and reel in them trout, without even getting wet

And then, there’s nothing like a trail ride, with your family or a friend

It seems like when you’re a-top a horse, the good times will never end

Yes, I can tell you lots of good things about the horse, I can sing his praises to the sky

And I hope that heaven has some if I get there when I die

But horses can have their downside if I was to be right fair

You’ve got to haul their hay, and pay their vet, and curry comb their hair

You’ve got to see they’re fed and watered, you’ve got to make sure your fence is tight

And sometimes when a newborn is coming, they’ll keep you up all night

You’ve got to buy a trailer to haul them, if you want to hit the road

And of course, a truck to pull it, because horses make a heavy load

Then, some horses need the spurs, and some require a quirt

And it seems like whenever you’re around, they all like to slobber on your shirt

And, I’ve got to admit, that I’ve been bit, I’ve been kicked and stomped on too

I guess that’s part of the of the price you pay, when you think you’re a buckaroo

Yes, I’ve had my share of horse wrecks, it seems I was always skinning up my hide

But in spite of all that, I kept coming back, because I sure do like to ride

But then one day, I ran out of hay, and I was getting low on oats and barley

So, I up and gave those ponies away, and bought myself a Harley

Brent Satterthwaite - May 2014

Stationary photo

The cowboy has always been a dying breed,

but he takes his dying slowly,

perched upon his steed..............

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