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Goodbye Puppy

Victoria Suliafu

Goodbye Puppy

I don`t know if it`s mistake,

Or hapless fate`s design.

I don`t know how to watch him…

Especially since he`s mine.

I cannot let him go now

There isn`t enough time!

He`s always been my buddy,

Given me none but love.

The whisper in my heart says,

“For him, I`ve not enough”.

But I`ll not show my sadness,

My wrenching grief and pain.

I just want him to know that

I will find him again.

And as the light of Heaven

Shines bright upon his face,

I give him one last bear-hug,

Our final warm embrace.

Until we meet again, Boy…

And happily side by side,

Keep close to heart, my message…

My temp`rary goodbye.“

Stationary photo

The cowboy has always been a dying breed,

but he takes his dying slowly,

perched upon his steed..............

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