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Efforts to limit by Gun  control or, agreeing with that idea and saying who can or cannot own a gun is a slippery slope that one day we will wish we had never stepped on.

IF anything, my solution would be more guns. I would make sure every child and teacher had a basic understanding of guns and what they can do. They all would receive instruction on how to handle a gun incident, every classroom would have two fully loaded 20-gauge pump shotguns secured in a locked box of some type, if anyone fired any weapon or even threatened to do so a button would be pushed, and that box would open. the teaher would take one and a 6th grade or older child woud take the other. that student would then proceed to a predermind lower grade  classroom and assist that teachein making sure everyone was safe. Other saftey equipment cauld also be considered. Yes accidents and errors in judgment woukd occur over time but I can assure you, you would never see mass shootings in our schools like we do today.

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