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Let me begin by emphasizing; THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY! None, zip, zilch, none at all, only what it collects in TAXES. And who pays those taxes. Read on: -----

There is a cost for every dollar the US spends. Let us look at the recent stimulus as an example. The government spent almost 2 trillion dollars on it.


$28.7 trillion divided by 332 million US citizens = approximately $86,447 per US citizen That amount compared to our 1400 stimulus payment equals  6047% negative income to debt ratio.

On a larger scale. The present National debt of about $28,000,000,000,000 again divided by the US population of approximately 332,000,000 equals an $86,447 debt to each person, that is you, me and every newborn baby included; owes to the  Governmwnt  $86,447. ! How are you going to pay yours? 

So, who is the money owed to and who is going to pay it--- that is an interesting question. The best I could come up with is; -- over 1,ooo ooo ooo ooo of it is owed to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!. No wonder Biden’s son was so heavily engaged over there. The politicians will argue they will tax the corporations and wealthy but think about it. The corporations are in business to make money not spend it. They will of course relocate jobs overseas costing US jobs and/or increase the cost of their goods or services to be paid by who? Oh yah, you and me the consumer. And as for the wealthy, they are not wealthy by being stupid. They will move their money offshore and hire tax lawyers and use political donations to minimize their cost. And so, who pays ultimately? You and me of course.

When are we as a nation going to start thinking????

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