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Let me begin by emphasizing; THE GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY! None, zip, zilch, none at all, only what it collects in TAXES. And who pays those taxes. Read on: -----

There is a cost for every dollar the US spends. Let us look at the recent stimulus as an example. The government spent almost 2 trillion dollars on it.


$28.7 trillion divided by 332 million US citizens = approximately $86,447 per US citizen That amount compared to our 1400 stimulus payment equals  6047% negative income to debt ratio.

On a larger scale. The present National debt of about $28,000,000,000,000 again divided by the US population of approximately 332,000,000 equals an $86,447 debt to each person, that is you, me and every newborn baby included; owes to the  Governmwnt  $86,447. ! How are you going to pay yours? 

So, who is the money owed to and who is going to pay it--- that is an interesting question. The best I could come up with is; -- over 1,ooo ooo ooo ooo of it is owed to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!. No wonder Biden’s son was so heavily engaged over there. The politicians will argue they will tax the corporations and wealthy but think about it. The corporations are in business to make money not spend it. They will of course relocate jobs overseas costing US jobs and/or increase the cost of their goods or services to be paid by who? Oh yah, you and me the consumer. And as for the wealthy, they are not wealthy by being stupid. They will move their money offshore and hire tax lawyers and use political donations to minimize their cost. And so, who pays ultimately? You and me of course.

When are we as a nation going to start thinking????

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The upcoming election may be the most important one in our lifetime. If you took time to review my website on Take Back America, you should realize just how important it may be to you and your family. That said: elections are also the easiest way to Take Our Country Back.


Fair and truthful elections are indeed the foundation of a free people. We are all lax at times and I am no exception, and we can all and should do better at reviewing the candidates and making sure what and just who we are voting for.


I personally disagree with every politician I have researched so far however on how elections should be conducted. One party wants it open to almost everyone that has once or now can talk or breath, the other party is not far behind. Easy is their theme. Mail in ballots for all. That to me is wrong. I am old school, and I remember going to the polls with my parents and waiting and waiting for them to vote. They never once complained. Many complain “I’m busy, I can’t get there, It takes too long etc. etc.” One excuse is as weak as the next. Mary and Joseph, you recall had to go about 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem just to pay their taxes. That I imagine was about a 4-day trip walking and riding on a donkey, but they did it because it was the law. Our right to vote is indeed a privilege and a blessing and if it is difficult for us – “well to bad” -- get off your backside and do it anyway. we should want to do it but if not, we should all be required to vote and suffer the consequences if we cannot be bothered.


I will agree that some or all of the following solutions should be considered.


1. All US citizens should be required to prove their eligibility to vote prior to voting.

2. The voting age should be 21.

3. All voting should be in person at a polling station. Never by mail without real justification and it must be provable.

4. All US citizens of voting age should be required to vote every election. If they miss 2 in a row they must requalify and if they miss 3 in a row, they will lose their citizenship and all associated benefits for XX years until they could apply for citizenship just as any foreigner would have to do.

5. Patriotism and voting privilege should be taught in our schools, and we should understand what a blessing it is that WE CAN INDEED VOTE.

6. Voting at a polling center would eliminate some of the voter fraud that we hear so much about. Hire more poll workers, with more polling locations and use good old paper ballots. Counting can be verified etc., and it eliminates the chance for hackers etc. to control the outcome.

7. Example: a write in candidate for the next election in my area has said she is concerned because one candidate in the last election was defeated by a total of 10 votes out of 8500 votes cast, when that same candidate enjoyed a 60% approval rating of 1000 audited voters, and the request for a recount was not approved.


The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do -----

Joseph Stalin


A recent study I am told showed only a 35% voter turnout. That is shocking to me. The Apathy in our country will destroy us if nothing else does. Whatever and however it is done, a change is needed in our voting system, and we need it NOW.

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