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Government Spending

The United States government recently spent almost 2 trillion dollars on a stimulus package, but what is the true cost of this spending?

This article, we will explore the national debt and who ultimately pays for it. It will also discuss the benefits of returning to the gold standard to promote responsible spending and strengthen our nation.

The National Debt Clock says that "debt per citizen" is currently $87,124. But there's more, much more. That $28. trillion ignores Social Security and Medicare's current and future COSTS. In other words, by showing how much we would each owe if it were up to us to pay it back. How-much-you-would-have-to-contribute-to-pay-off-your-countrys-debt? According to “Katharina Buchholz, Feb 16, 2023: The average cost per person in the U.S. is around $96,400 in debt.” For a family of 6 that means $578,400 is due. When and how are you planning to pay yours?

So, who is the money owed to and who is going to pay it--- that is an interesting question. Most of it is owed to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!. That is one reason never buy anything made in China.

No wonder Biden’s Son was so heavily engaged over there. The politicians will argue they will tax the corporations and wealthy but think about it. The corporations are in business to make money not spend it. They will of course relocate jobs overseas costing US jobs and/or increase the cost of their goods or services to be paid by who? Oh yah, you and me the consumer. And as for the wealthy, they are not wealthy by being stupid. They will move their money offshore and hire tax lawyers and use political donations to minimize their costs. And so, who pays ultimately? You and me of course.

When are we as a nation going to start thinking????

The national debt is a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed before it's too late. We need to take action by insisting on billionaires paying what they owe and consider returning to the gold standard. If we do not act, we will continue to see our nation's economy decline, and our citizens will suffer the consequences. It is time for the United States to take a stand and make the necessary changes to secure our financial future.


It is time for the nation to think critically about government spending. Yes, we could insist on US billionaires paying what they owe now and provide incentives for those who pay more than they currently owe. Returning to the gold standard is almost a must thing to consider. The Epoch Times recently wrote about the benefits of this solution, and it is an idea worth considering. By returning to the gold standard, we could see an end to reckless spending, smaller government, a strong dollar, and a greater strength in our great nation. Once the interest payment on what we owe exceeds our GDP we will really be in trouble!


But we have to realize it will never happen until ‘’WE AS A PEOPLE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN” and we can and will, if enough of us get involved and do it. If you will join us that care, we can do it!  

Government Spending

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