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Elections are a fundamental cornerstone of any democracy. They give citizens the opportunity to choose their leaders and exercise their right to participate in the democratic process. Elections serve as a mechanism to keep the government responsive to the people's will and maintain checks and balances on power. This essal explores the importance of elections, the electoral process, and the challenges faced in conducting free and fair elections.

One of the primary reasons why elections are important is that they provide a means for citizens to hold their representatives accountable. Elected officials are expected to represent the interests of their constituents and work towards improving their lives. However, without regular elections, there would be no way for citizens to hold their representatives accountable. Elections provide an opportunity for citizens to express their approval or disapproval of the current government and choose new representatives who they believe will better serve their interests.

The electoral process is a complex one, involving various steps and procedures that must be followed to ensure that the election is free and fair. This includes the registration of voters, the establishment of polling stations, the printing of ballots, and the counting of votes. In some countries, the electoral process may also involve the use of electronic voting machines, which can make the process faster and more efficient. However, the use of electronic voting machines has also raised concerns about the potential for fraud or manipulatio.

Despite the efforts made to ensure free and fair elections, there are still many challenges that must be overcome. One of the biggest challenges is voter suppression, where certain groups of people are prevented from voting, either through intentional or unintentional means. This can include things like strict voter ID laws or gerrymandering, where electoral districts are drawn in a way that unfairly favors one political party over another. Other challenges include the use of fake news or misinformation to influence the outcome of the election and the potential for foreign interference in the electoral process.

Elections are a vital component of any democracy, enabling citizens to participate in the democratic process and choose their representatives. The electoral process must be free and fair, with measures in place to prevent voter suppression and ensure transparency and accountability. Although there are many challenges, the importance of elections cannot be overstated, and we must work to ensure that they remain a fundamental aspect of democratic governance.


We could all volunteer to take someone to the polls and wait until they have voted. We can do it and keep our nation away from corrupt law makers!



The upcoming election may be the most important one in our lifetime. If you took time to review this website on America in Trouble you should realize just how important it may be to you and your family. That said: elections are also the easiest way to Take Our Country Back.

Fair and truthful elections are indeed the foundation of a free people. We are all lax at times and we can all and should do better at reviewing the candidates and making sure what and just who we are voting for.

Every politician researched so far is wrong on how elections should be conducted. One party wants it open to almost everyone that has once or now can talk or breath, the other party is not far behind. Easy is their theme. Mail in ballots for all. That is wrong. Many today complain “I’m busy, I can’t get there, It takes too long etc. etc.” One excuse is as weak as the next. Mary and Joseph, you recall, had to go about 90 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem just to pay their taxes. Guessing that must have been about a 4-day trip walking and riding on a donkey, but they did it because it was the law. -- Our right to vote is indeed a privilege and a blessing and if it is difficult for us – “well to bad” get off your backside and do it anyway. we should want to do it but if not, we should all be required to vote and suffer the consequences if we cannot be bothered. Some or all of the following solutions should be considered.

1. All US citizens should be required to prove their eligibility to vote prior to voting.

2. The voting age should be 21.

3. All voting should be in person at a polling station. Never by mail without real justification and it must be provable.

4. All US citizens of voting age should be required to vote in every election. If they miss 2 in a row they must requalify and if they miss 3 in a row, they will lose their citizenship and all associated benefits for XX years until they could apply for citizenship just as any foreigner would have to do.

5. Patriotism and voting privilege should be taught in our schools, and we should understand what a blessing it is that WE CAN INDEED VOTE.

6. Voting at a polling center would eliminate some of the voter fraud that we hear so much about. Hire more poll workers, with more polling locations and use good old paper ballots. Counting can be verified etc., and it eliminates the chance for hackers etc. to control the outcome.

7. Example: a write in candidate for the next election in my area has said she is concerned because one candidate in the last election was defeated by a total of 10 votes out of 8500 votes cast, when that same candidate enjoyed a 60% approval rating of 1000 audited voters, and the request for a recount was not approved.

The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do -----

Joseph Stalin                                                                                                                                                   


Whatever and however it is done, a change is needed in our voting system, and we need it NOW.

Then how should we conduct a fair and truthful election? Here are some ideas. Why not declare election day a State and National holiday. Yes, it is that important. Employers would be required to give needed employees time to vote. Why not get away from all the electronic stuff that can be hacked etc. or rigged in favor of a chosen candidate or party? Why not do it the old fashion way? We could hold elections at our local schoolhouses which would all be empty because of the holiday, and they are relatively close to everyone, so people could walk to them. That way we could also eliminate most mail in voting.

Hire poll workers or ask for volunteers to get the job done. All registered voters would be accepted. Many would be known by the poll workers, both parties could have a senior representative to oversee the workers. More workers could [with supervision] be counting the votes each hour and logging the totals for each hour. Voters not living in that school area could still vote but that vote would be held in abeyance until verified absolutely by that voters’ school area. Within an hour of the polls closing the result for each school should be ready and sent to a local precinct. Certainly, we could get rid of 3 days of waiting for results.

It would eliminate the excuse that “I have no way to get there” for almost everyone.

It would eliminate the expensive cost of buying, maintaining, and upgrading electric machines.

Much of the cost would go into salaries for local people so could add a little [however small] to each community budget.


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